About Min

A lifetime of devotion to her clients and her craft. Min is a true artist which is exemplified in her work and shown off by her clients.

Min’s passion for permanent makeup developed at a young age, when she began helping her mother during summer breaks from school. Her mother was a hair stylist and Min was put to work washing client’s hair prior to their haircuts or in between their treatments. She worked full time at her mother’s salon and began to familiarize herself the ins and outs of being a professional in the beauty industry.

Since her mother was a hair stylist as well a makeup artist, she was introduced to the idea of sculpting and transforming a look at a very young age. Even when she was a kid, she enjoyed being made up by her mother for special occasions and knew there was something special about the way it made her feel.

These early experiences sparked her interest and developed her passion in the art of beauty. This passion transcended not only hair but makeup, nails, and skin as well.

Tattooing permanent makeup has always been fascinating to her, especially seeing how transformative it can be to someone’s facial features. She learned early on that she has a talent in drawing on makeup (in particular eyebrows). In 1983, Min began learning the art of permanent makeup in Taiwan, using a traditional wooden needle to help people achieve their ideal look. When she moved to Las Vegas, she began sharing her talents with the world, and eventually moved to taking on apprentices.

After Min graduated from high school, her first adult job was working as a teacher. She taught young students in elementary school and then also taught piano part-time. Min has always enjoyed teaching and guiding others, so teaching came naturally to her. All it takes is being patient while demonstrating a careful technique.

At first, it wasn’t obvious to Min that she should take on apprentices for permanent makeup. However, over time she noticed herself showing employees techniques for massage or small tricks for facials, and her employees eventually began to show interest in her permanent makeup skills.

As the interest in permanent makeup grew with the public and the Health District developed the guidelines on tattoo artists and how to become one, Min decided to start her own program and began passing on her knowledge of permanent makeup techniques to her students.

When it comes to teaching her apprentices, hard work, dedication, and a careful eye for safety practices are the cornerstones of Min’s ideal student. Becoming a permanent makeup artist is not an easy path, as it requires many years of practice to master as Min has, but with an immense amount of practice and hard work, her apprentices get there.

With continuous years of experience, Min has grown into not only a skilled practitioner of permanent makeup and other beauty treatments, but also a talented teacher who enjoys passing on her knowledge of this industry to her apprentices.

She says that her favorite part of the job is helping people to transform their looks–whether it is helping people to shorten their morning routine each day with a permanent makeup treatment or working with someone through the process of healing their skin from issues like acne and sunspots.

Min works hard for her clients and is passionate about helping people to feel better about themselves in whatever way she can. Not only does Min see hundreds of people each week, she has performed over 40,000 procedures since her start in 1983, so you know that when you make an appointment at Min’s Permanent Makeup & Day Spa, you’re working with a beauty practitioner that you can trust.

No matter what, the most important aspect of beauty treatments are safety practices. At Min’s Permanent Makeup & Day Spa, you know you can trust our talented team to ensure your procedure is as sterile as possible as well as following the guidelines set by Health District.

If you are interested in any of our permanent makeup or other beauty treatments, don’t hesitate to give us a call to book your consultation today.

Min Permanent Makeup & Day Spa is certified by the Southern Nevada Health District.