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Permanent Makeup

Min’s Permanent Makeup & Day Spa offers a variety of permanent makeup services, encompassing both microblading and a traditional rotary hand machine for pinpoint accuracy. 

Our eyebrow enhancements are among our most popular treatments and include a choice of powdered, sculpted, and multi-stroke permanent makeup. We also offer permanent lip treatments, permanent blush, eyeliner, and beauty marks, as well as corrective work to repair and enhance your look. 


Sometimes your skin needs a little extra help and Min’s Permanent Makeup & Day Spa is here to provide it. 

We provide a variety of skincare treatments: European facials, diamond dermabrasion facials, oxygen infusion facials, anti-aging facials, and micro current facials, all of which are designed to leave you with glowing and gorgeous skin.


If you’re interested in learning the art of permanent makeup, our six-month apprenticeship program pairs you with Min herself to learn all aspects of permanent makeup. This includes not only hands-on practice and experience, but also the importance of sterilization, sanitization, color theory, and more.

All of this preparation is designed to guide you towards learning this ancient art as well as to prepare you for your final licensing test by the Southern Nevada Health District. This test certifies you to work in Las Vegas as a permanent makeup artist, practicing everything that your apprenticeship will teach you. Let us know if you are looking to walk down this path to help enhance the looks and lives of many people in the future.