Aqua Hydrating Facial

For those who suffer from dry and dehydrated skin, an Aqua Hydrating Facial is the blast of moisture that your skin so desperately needs in the dry, arid climate of Las Vegas. 

Whether you’re looking for baby-smooth skin or just to restore the water content that dry air sucks away from your skin, this treatment will not only help your skin look better, it will also be less irritated and prone to breakouts when well-moisturized. 

Using products that are formulated to help your skin lock in moisture, an Aqua Hydrating Facial is the perfect procedure for those who are suffering from dry, irritated, and dehydrated skin. Not only will this treatment help to heal breakouts, it also includes products that will protect your skin from damage and dehydration in the weeks after your facial. If the dry air is having an effect on you, stop by and see Min for this signature treatment.

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