Corrective Work

Permanent Makeup Correction can either be shape/color or both. If the shape is desirable but the color may have faded into a blue, green, purple, or red hue, Min will use a technique that covers the old color. To correct an uneven shape, Min will add additional permanent makeup pigments to improve the symmetry, shape, […]


Some of us have gotten our makeup routines so down pat that we pretty much always apply the same face of makeup each day. If you’re looking to cut down on the time and energy you put into your makeup each morning, think about getting a permanent eyeshadow treatment from Min.  Choose your desired shade […]

Full Lip

Looking to achieve full, luscious lips with none of the effort involved? Min’s permanent full lip treatment includes lip liner as well, which involves lining the lips with your preferred color before going over the lips themselves with your perfect shade.  There may be some noticeable swelling after the treatment, but once that goes down, […]

Top & Bottom Liner

Eyeliner is one of the most difficult makeup applications to master, even for those who are long experienced in beautifying themselves and trying out new and more challenging techniques.  Make your mornings easier with permanent top and bottom liner, a great base to start off your makeup application with each morning. This treatment will not […]

Tightlining Eyeliner

Let’s face it–it can be difficult to tightline your eyeliner, meaning that you apply it to the area where the eyelid becomes the lid, AKA the waterline. Your eyes might tear up and mess up the delicate process you were in the middle of, or even if you perfect your technique, any number of small […]

Micro Shading Eyebrows

If you’re a bit sparse in the eyebrow department or if you’re looking for a little boost to your natural look, micro shading eyebrows are a great choice.  This method utilizes a hand tool that contains a very fine cluster of needles for pinpoint accuracy and a very realistic look. It’s almost incredible just how […]

Beauty Mark

Beauty marks have long been a sign of a gorgeous and youthful face, but not all of us were blessed with this particular type of birthmark. Don’t fake a beauty mark–get a real one with the help of Min. Achieve the beauty mark look with ease and simplicity–with just a few strokes of the tattoo […]

Cheek Blush

Blush is one of the easiest types of makeup to apply, but why do it every single day for the rest of your life? Allow Min to perform this permanent blush procedure to enhance your natural look and give the appearance of bright, happy cheeks, while avoiding the pain of applying it yourself.  Choose from […]

Lip Liner

Whether you love a bold or a subtle lip look, there is always a need for lip liner to seal in your lip makeup and to give your lips the most beautiful shape to suit your bone structure. Avoid the annoyance of applying lip liner yourself every single by treating yourself to this permanent makeup […]

Two-Tone Eyeliner

Do you have sensitive eyes or just plain hate doing your eyeliner every day? Allow Min to make your life easier by applying permanent two-tone eyeliner, which will give you a two-tone look of your choosing to show off no matter how little time you’ve spent on your makeup.  Choose both tones from a number […]