Corrective Work

Permanent Makeup Correction can either be shape/color or both. If the shape is desirable but the color may have faded into a blue, green, purple, or red hue, Min will use a technique that covers the old color. To correct an uneven shape, Min will add additional permanent makeup pigments to improve the symmetry, shape, or balances of the previous work.

Tattoo Camouflage is performed in a series of sessions scheduled 3 to 4 weeks apart. Min will evaluate your skin color at the beginning of each session and choose a color to match our skin tone. She blends the pigments into the skin during each session until the tattoo is completely camouflaged and the skin tone matches.

Areola Restoration has been an important restorative cosmetic procedure for many women that are breast cancer patients. The micro-pigmentation process is used to improve the color or aesthetic appearances of the nipple areola complex.

Min has decades of experience in permanent makeup and she’s seen just about everything there is to see. If you need corrective work done, it’s best to choose an expert like Min who knows exactly how to get you feeling more confident.

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