Diamond Dermabrasion Facial

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art treatment to help fight blemishes, breakouts, and reduce the appearance of scars, a Diamond Dermabrasion Facial is one of the best beauty treatments that Min’s Permanent Makeup and Day Spa offers to our clients. 

Diamond Dermabrasion Facials utilize a tiny tool that exfoliates your face with industrial diamonds then vacuums them up in a painless and quick treatment. In essence, a diamond peel exfoliates into deep layers of skin, which signals and stimulates the skin cells much more deeply than traditional techniques.

A Diamond Dermabrasion Facial procedure will not only help your skin to appear smoother and more evenly-toned, it also boosts collagen production and can help treat wrinkles and fine lines. For those suffering from acne or other skin conditions, diamond peels can be a blessing for giving the skin a fresher and healthier look.

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