Eyebrow Tinting Vs. Microblading What Is The Difference?


Those who are looking to enhance their natural brows may be a bit overwhelmed with all of the options available to them. Eyebrow tinting, microblading, threading, waxing–there are so many ways to enhance your natural beauty that it can be hard to choose the right one for you and your desired look. 

At Min’s Permanent Makeup and Spa, we offer a variety of beauty treatments that will help you look your very best, but today we’ll focus on two types of brow enhancements. No matter which you choose, we will help you to achieve your desired outcome and leave you feeling confident and ready to take on post-quarantine life. 

Eyebrow Tinting: An Easy Way to Enhance Your Brows

If you have very light or subtle eyebrows, you may have tried just about every trick in the book when it comes to dying them yourself. After all, it seems quite easy to DIY–just find a color that matches your hair or is a bit darker, and dye away. However, if the results don’t come out like you expected, you’re stuck with strange-colored eyebrows for quite a while.

Instead of trying to DIY it, take a trip to your local spa to get your eyebrows tinted. This process, when performed by a trained professional, can not only enhance the color of your brows to help them stand out a bit more, it can also improve their shape. Semi-permanent dye is used to enhance your natural shades and give you a more defined and shapely look to your brow. If you’re looking for a quick fix for your brows for a special event, eyebrow tinting will give your results that will wow you. 

Microblading: The Latest Trend in Gorgeous Brows

For those who would like more permanent brow results, microblading has taken the beauty world by storm. The permanent makeup procedure is a bit more of a commitment than eyebrow tinting and a little more painful as well, but the results from microblading will make your jaw drop. 

Using a special hand-tool, our permanent makeup specialists will apply tiny tattoo brushstrokes to imitate the look of natural brows. When performed by a skilled professional, the results from microblading are almost indistinguishable from natural brows, and this procedure can be a game-changer for those looking to shorten their beauty routine and stop dying their eyebrows. 

You will find that microblading is obviously more expensive than eyebrow tinting, as the results will last much longer. However, is there truly a price you can put on shortening your beauty routine each morning? 

Whatever You Choose, We’re Here For You

We know it’s been hard to keep up with your normal beauty routine during quarantine, so now is the time when many people are thinking about how to emerge from this period looking beautiful and feeling great about themselves. Improving your brows is just one way–Min’s Permanent Makeup and Day Spa offers a variety of treatments that will help you to feel your best. Come and see us soon for your latest procedure and you’ll leave feeling better than ever.

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