Eyelash Perms: What Are They and Are They Safe?


We’ve all heard of perms for you hair, but what about perms for your lashes? Today, we’re going to discuss this spa treatment to keep your lashes looking beautiful, curled, and perfect for weeks to come. This treatment will not only make your gorgeous eyes pop–it makes your morning makeup routine easier! Your lashes will already be perfectly curled, so just put on your makeup and go.

If you’re a little worried–don’t worry, that’s normal. We’ll not only break down what eyelash perms are, but we’ll also discuss a little bit about the safety of this treatment to help soothe your fears before you make a decision.

What Are Eyelash Perms?

Eyelash perms are just what they sound like–using the same chemical that is used in hair perming but in much smaller amounts, the eyelashes are treated and left to curl on a roller to enhance their natural curl and length.

Once that is done, a neutralizing solution is applied in order to stop the chemicals from doing their work–all we want is the perfect curl. Because this spa treatment involves working with chemicals, you always want to ensure that you have a professional to do it for you, especially one that you trust.

Eyelash perms are especially effective for those who have long, straight lashes and are looking for more volume or those with shorter lashes who want to make theirs appear longer. This treatment can be repeated at most every four weeks. The cycle of lashes lasts from 60 to 120 days, so you’ll find that results will begin to fade as new lashes begin to grow in.

Are Eyelash Perms Safe?

Before deciding whether or not to get your eyelashes permed, it’s perfectly natural to have a few fears and worries about the safety. After all, those of who who lived through the 80s know that perm solution can burn hair and skin if left on too long, so as we mentioned before, it’s vital you have a professional with a ton of experience in this area of expertise–like our very own Min of Min’s Permanent Makeup & Day Spa.

One other concern is those who have sensitive skin; because the chemicals used in this treatment are a bit strong, if you have sensitive skin you may find that the skin around your eyes become red and irritated after the procedure. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, a regular eyelash curler will give you the same results, if a bit more temporary.

Stay Safe During Spa Treatments

No matter what treatments you’re looking to get, it’s always important to know what you’re getting into beforehand in order to alleviate any worries or anxieties. In the case of an eyelash perm, it’s a relatively simple procedure with few risks, so if you’re looking to enhance your eyelash curl and give your natural length a more voluminous look–make sure you check out Min’s Permanent Makeup & Day Spa before you go anywhere else.

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