Micro Shading Eyebrows

If you’re a bit sparse in the eyebrow department or if you’re looking for a little boost to your natural look, micro shading eyebrows are a great choice. 

This method utilizes a hand tool that contains a very fine cluster of needles for pinpoint accuracy and a very realistic look. It’s almost incredible just how realistic the before and afters are on with this treatment.

Hundreds of these layered multi-length, multi-colored, fine curved strokes are placed one by one in multiple layers. First, an outline is drawn to match your natural shape, arch, and thickness of how your eyebrows are. Then a micro shading technique is used to follow the natural hair direction to give the appearance of real hair, with very little maintenance involved afterwards.

Fuller eyebrows are a trend, but why wait for ages letting your eyebrows grow out? Allow Min to give you the perfect full brow you’re looking for in a matter of hours. This procedure is great for those with sparse to medium hair, but can work to enhance brows on just about anyone.

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