What Is the Best Permanent Hair Removal?


Let’s face it–hair removal is a pain, no matter which way you choose to do it. From shaving to waxing to Nair, there are way too many options to choose from. And it always grows back eventually, so what’s the point? This is the reason that many people decide to opt for permanent hair removal, as it makes your grooming and hygiene practices just a bit easier each day.

To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve outlined the most popular types of permanent hair removal. Every hair removal procedure is different, so it’s important to get an idea of the pros and cons of each type before you decide which type of appointment to schedule. 

Types of Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The most commonly-found type of permanent hair removal is laser hair removal, which uses a beam of light to burn off the hair follicle and prevent hair from regrowing. 

Laser hair removal is incredibly safe and effective when the procedure is completed by a trained technician like those at Min’s, and can be used just about anywhere on the body. The only side effects of this procedure are redness, swelling, and sensitivity at the hair removal site.


Electrolysis is similar to laser hair removal, but this process is a bit older and has been used a bit more widely before laser hair removal became popular. Using heat or chemical reactions, electrolysis utilizes a wand that directs the chemical current towards the hair follicle. 

One benefit of electrolysis is that it is incredibly versatile, but it can often be difficult to find a provider that you can trust. Be sure you find a licensed professional, however, as not doing so can lead to issues like scarring if you aren’t careful. 

Prescription Creams

If you’ve seen a dermatologist about unwanted or unsightly hair growth, they may recommend prescription creams as an alternative to other permanent hair removal procedures. Not everyone wants to go in for a procedure that may cause them anxiety and intense nervousness, so many people opt to go for prescription creams instead.

While prescription creams do take a bit longer to work, you are free to apply them topically at your own convenience without needing to see a technician. Side effects of prescription creams include redness, irritation, and allergic reactions to the medicated cream. 

We’ve Perfected Permanent Hair Removal At Min’s Permanent Makeup and Day Spa

Removing hair can be a painful process, but there are many different options to choose from that will suit your skin type and your comfort levels. 

If you’re looking for a way to try the latest and greatest in laser hair removal, Min’s Permanent Makeup and Day Spa would love to help you achieve the smooth, silky skin you’ve always dreamed of. We offer package deals to cut down on the overall cost, so call us ASAP to schedule your next laser hair removal session and bask in the savings. 

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